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That's life, they say, it's a wild ride

With twists and turns, and nowhere to hide

It's a journey we all must take

With risks to make, and chances to create

That's life, it's not always fair or just

With challenges to face, and dreams to trust

It's full of highs and lows, and lessons to learn

But we keep moving forward, with every turn

That's life, it's a beautiful mess

With moments of joy, and moments to impress

It's a puzzle we must solve, and a path we must pave

And make the most of every moment, before it fades

That's life, it's a precious thing indeed

With hearts to heal, and love to feed

It's a gift we must cherish, and never take for granted

And make the most of, before it's slanted

That's life, my friend, and it's up to you

To make the most of it, and see it through

To live it fully, and let your heart sing

That's life, and it's a beautiful thing.

That's life, and it's a journey worth taking

With memories to make, and dreams worth creating

It's a canvas to paint, and a story to tell

So let's make the most of it, and live it well.

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