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I will be graduating from CDS in a couple of months. I would like to share my results, statistics, and what I did for the 4 years of highschool I have been in CDS to help the younger generations of what kind of results they can expect themselves without the pressure of comparing themselves to other closer friends. However, these are my results so just because you have similar statistics/extracurriculars, it doesn’t mean you will see the same results. I am also using the template found in College Results group on


  • Gender: Male

  • Race/Ethnicity: Korean (But I was born in the US)

  • Residence: Costa Rica

  • Income Bracket: Expected Family Contribution is ~$26,000

  • Type of School: Private

  • Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.): Korean living in Costa Rica attending an English speaking school(?)

Intended Major(s): Economics/Business Economics/Data Science (around that area)


  • GPA (UW/W): Our school does not do unweighted(?) / 4.27 W

  • Rank (or percentile): Our school does not rank (but I think I was high up there for my grade)

  • # of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: AP World History (10th), AP US History and AP Economics (11th) (So 3 classes and 4 tests)

  • Senior Year Course Load: AP Lang, Band, AP Chem, AP Comp Sci P, AP Calc BC, HLA, and signed up for AP Spanish Language Test

Standardized Testing

List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.

  • SAT I: 1480 (680RW, 790M)

  • ACT: None

  • SAT II: None

  • AP/IB: AP World History (4), AP US History (3), AP Microeconomics (4), AP Macroeconomics (5)

  • Other (ex. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.): TOPIK (Grade 6)


  1. Country Day School Interactive Media President

  2. Independent Study Accounting Class at BYU (online)

  3. NHS Treasurer

  4. HS Wind Ensemble First Flute

  5. “Positive Leadership” Program at University for Peace

  6. Kyung Hee University Volunteer

  7. Cross Country & Track and Field Sprinter

  8. Korean Unification Events Advocator

  9. FBLA Member

  10. Church President

  11. MUN Member

  12. Panther Banter Writer

  13. SAT Prep Program in Korea

(I took out some and added others when applying with the UC Application and Common Application)


  1. Korean Unification Peace Writing & Art Contest Bronze Award

  2. Top 10 Online Golden Bell Challenge for Unification of Korea

  3. Honors Linear Algebra (Mr.DeVega said this counted so I put it)

  4. Franklin Chang Award

  5. Top 10 Nord Anglia Global Sports Competition 2021 5km

  6. Science Achievement Award

(I took out some and added others when applying with the UC Application and Common Application)

Letters of Recommendation

Economics Teacher - I would say I have a great relationship with him. Inside of the class, I had him for Physics in 10th grade and AP Econ for 11th grade. My brother had and still has a deep respect for him so maybe that helped too with a good first impression. I asked questions during his lectures as well as attempting to answer questions he asked in the classroom. I also saw him outside of classes as he is the father of one of my closest friends. We talked about the Fun Run, the Financial Aid Process, as well as having conversations about college once in a while. I am sure this is a great letter.

Math Teacher - I would also say I have a great relationship with my Math teacher as well. I only got to know him in the 11th grade and a bit of 12th grade by the time I applied, but I feel I was able to have a closer relationship with him during the whole of my senior year. I engaged heavily in the math classes as well as turning in my learning logs on time. If I turned one in late, it was only for a couple of days. For the 12th grade, on top of being responsible and participating in class, he was also the Country Day School Interactive Media club sponsor. He asked if I was interested in the president position, so ever since the start of senior year, I have put a lot of effort into the club. When we find the time and opportunity, we talk not just about school, but about the personal lives of each other. I am also sure this is a great letter.

English Teacher - I would say I have a good relationship with my English teacher. I had her for 10th grade English and for 12th grade AP Lang, but not for 11th grade. I did all my work and participated in class, but I would say I never got to have a close relationship as with my Econ and English teacher. Don't get me wrong, I really like her as a teacher and as a person, but I didn't have any connections with her outside of school. Although I did see her in MUN conferences as well as talking about the same video games her nephews play, not much else. I am sure this is a good letter.


UPenn - This was the only interview I had. I would say this interview went average. I practiced what I wanted to say as well as researching heavily in the school before the interview. I came up with questions that you cannot find easily on the website, and tried my best. It was only about 45 minutes, and around the 35 minute mark, he did cut me off sadly, so I could have an opportunity to ask any questions I had. Overall, it was not a bad interview but not a great one either. We did talk a bit about video games which was fun.


Common App Personal Statement:

I felt that this was one of my best essays. I wrote it in a way that would express my own voice, and even I have to agree that if someone were to read it, they would know it is me. I wrote about the economic aspects of a video game as well as showing how I expressed my interest in economics outside and inside the classroom.


These were shorter essays, so I had to narrate less and describe and explain more. I liked all 4 of the essays I wrote, but personally, my favorite one was about my experiences as a Korean American in a Spanish speaking country attending an English speaking school. I tied the essay to my Korean name, its significance for me, and described how I would be a good fit for the UC schools.



  • University of Pennsylvania (ED)

  • University of Texas at Austin (RD)

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (RD)

  • University of California San Diego (RD)

  • Northwestern University (RD)

  • Harvard College (University) (RD)

  • Yale College (University) (RD)

  • University of California, Berkeley (RD)


  • Georgia Institute of Technology (EA Deferred -> RD Waitlist (Declined))

  • University of Michigan (RD Waitlist (Declined))


  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities (RD)

  • University of California, Davis (RD)

  • University of California, Irvine (RD)

  • University of California, Los Angeles (RD)

  • University of California, Santa Barbara (RD)

  • University of Southern California (EA Deferred -> RD Accepted)

  • Boston University (RD)

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