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I wish I could slow down time

To somehow stop the growth of flowers after their bloom

Suspending the moment, endlessly avoiding their time to wither

I wish I could disrupt a lengthy race,

Selfishly delaying the runners’ paths

Standing right between them and the finish line

I wish I could go back in time,

To tell myself to enjoy what is still there

And utter in my ear a precautionary warning

I fear everything is changing

My surroundings carry a feeling of nostalgia,

They are slipping from my grasp.

I am constantly reminded that it is time to let go

I stand in the same place as before,

Clinging to anything that is left

I scan the outside world,

No one else seems to hesitate,

My path is just something to cross

I hold out my hand trying to hang on

It is useless,

I forget change is relentless

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