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I don’t talk to my brother,

But I regularly have conversations with myself.

All my friends think I’m doing better.

Will they love me if they knew how I can’t drown out the sound?

Only time will tell and it’s running out.

I cause a scene until the audience has left the auditorium.

I never read the script so I had no choice but to go off the book.

Anger takes hold of me and for once attention has me hooked.

I don’t have anyone left to leave;

So my exit goes unannounced.

Maybe it’s a blessing,

That nobody stuck around to see me cursed.

I’m too bruised to come to my senses and clean my wounds,

So I let my insides hemorrhage until I’ve caused a monsoon.

Now I know that I have consequences to face that I can’t undo;

I don’t have anything more to lose.

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